How to Submit a Dispute

Visual Explainer: How to submit a dispute

Dispute Resolution Panel

The law regarding Private Residential Leases established a new mechanism which shall offer a more accessible remedy both to the lessors as well as the lessees who shall have a lease registered with the Housing Authority.

The parties can lodge a claim as indicated in Cap 604 on minor disputes such as deposit and maintenance not exceeding the value of €5,000.

This panel offers a fast and accessible remedy in the event that the lessors fail to undertake maintenance tasks which fall under their responsibility or withhold the deposit or part thereof without a justified reason; or in the event that the tenants leave the property in a ruined state.

Civil code 

How to Submit a Dispute

As a registered user, first you need to login into your account

  1. Go to Dispute Resolution
  2. Click on Submit a Dispute
  3. Choose which registered contract you want to open a dispute on by clicking the Submit a Dispute button next to the contract
  4. If the registered contract is not attached to your user please send an email at [email protected] requesting the contract to be attached to your account.
  5. Fill in the form
  6. Once ready click on the Submit Dispute button
  7. You will be alerted to enter your payment details
  8. After reading the terms & conditions, click on the tick box and press Continue to proceed with the payment.

The following fees apply:

Filing of any claim/counter-claim: €10.00

Filing of any reply: €7.00

Subsidiary Legislation - Adjudicating Panel for Private Residential Leases

Submit a Dispute