How to Submit a Dispute

Dispute Resolution Panel

The law regarding Private Residential Leases established a new mechanism which shall offer a more accessible remedy both to the lessors as well as the lessees who shall have a lease registered with the Housing Authority.

The parties can lodge a claim as indicated in Cap 604 on minor disputes such as deposit and maintenance not exceeding the value of €5,000.

This panel offers a fast and accessible remedy in the event that the lessors fail to undertake maintenance tasks which fall under their responsibility or withhold the deposit or part thereof without a justified reason; or in the event that the tenants leave the property in a ruined state.

How to Submit a Dispute

To submit a dispute, click here to download the ‘Submit a Dispute’ form. The filled and signed forms must be physically submitted at the Housing Authority Offices (Address: 22, Pietro Floriani Street, Floriana, FRN1060).

The following fees apply:

Filing of any claim/counter-claim: €10.00

Filing of any reply: €7.00

Subsidiary Legislation - Adjudicating Panel for Private Residential Leases

Submit a Dispute