Accessibility Statement

The Housing Authority’s committed to making its online services accessible to all. We have a national and global user base and are dedicated to continuously improving accessibility of our services with a focus on the anti-discrimination requirements of the Equal Opportunities Act (Persons with Disability) of 2000 (EOA).

Compliance Process

The website for rent registration is made to function with mainstream browsers which support specifications as listed in Government Policy and Standards (GMICT) available through

As part of this effort, Housing Authority adheres to accessibility standard EN310549 and WCAG2.0 guidelines. Our online resources and products are evaluated both manually and programmatically for conformance to WCAG 2.0 Level AA guidelines. The Rent Registration website in particular is designed to work well and be accessible when being accessed with suitably updated hardware and software products.

Accessibility Measures

By using the accessibility options on the website, such as the ability to increase or reduce font size, etc., the user is able to tailor the website to suit his or her needs.

The Rent Registration website incorporates the following accessibility elements in addition to and as part of the aforementioned guidelines:

  • Keep the hierarchy of HTML Headings and the information layout constant across multiple web pages.
  • Where possible, maximize the colour contrast of the text.
  • Functionality in multilingual languages

Inaccessible Content

Rent Registration is not aware of specific inaccessible content or accessibility issues on its website. If you identify such content, kindly let us know on +35622991010.

Feedback and contact details

For instances where accessibility is lacking, Rent Registration’s goal is to create an Accessibility Remediation Roadmap (ARR). The ARR describes the steps needed to help identify an accessibility issue and bring the product into compliance with the EOA, including the anticipated schedule for completion of this goal. To initiate an Accessibility Remediation process please contact Rent Registration at the [email protected]

Inevitably, we won’t always get it right, the more services and resources we place online, the more likely it may be to miss some problems, but we are committed to addressing any access issues promptly. And that is where we would like your help. If you experience any difficulties in accessing our website, or have trouble using any aspect of the website, we would like you to let us know.